Advantages of steel core plastic doors – Ranko profile plastic bars

Steel core plastic doors (uPVC) products account for over 60% of the market share in European countries. Currently, with the preeminent features, steel core plastic doors (uPVC) have been widely used in many countries around the world.

Advantages of plastic doors with steel core
-Always persist in the hot, humid, rainy climate
A valuable feature of the uPVC Ranko profile is its longevity because this material is not oxidized, does not age or yellow under the conditions of solar radiation and acid rain …
– High stability, no warping, shrinkage:
Stable superior to traditional door types. Unlike normal wooden doors that warp and shrink in the tropical climate of Vietnam, the plastic core steel doors always retain the accuracy of the structure and the original beauty during use. . The fit between the mold and the door always ensures tightness, tightness, keeping your room warm in winter and cool in summer.
– Safety when fire and explosion:
Minimize the spread of the fire in the event of a fire or explosion. The architecture and distribution of houses not according to unified planning are typical of Vietnamese urban areas. That fact has caused a disadvantage to fire prevention. Therefore, the issue of choosing fireproof building materials is a requirement and is also a goal to be achieved. Contributing to that goal, Aluminum windows are made of Polymer materials and flame retardant additives, which do not break down into other flammable components even under high temperature conditions
– Sound insulation, thermal insulation:
Steel core plastic doors are a comprehensive set of components: shaped plastic frames, glass boxes, gaskets, … designed to achieve the highest soundproofing, thermal insulation effect, far beyond the doors made of Traditional materials like wood and aluminum.
For example: The room is located close to the traffic road, where the external noise intensity is up to 85 dB, but thanks to the window made from the Ranko profile bar with good sound insulation, the noise intensity in the room is only 40- 45 dB.

Comes with sound insulation to improve the quality of life, plastic steel core doors manufactured from Ranko profile bar can also be 2-4 times more insulated than conventional doors, helping to save energy. heating and cooling the room, bringing high economic efficiency to the user.
With the indiscriminate exploitation of forests and forest fires, making forest resources increasingly exhausted, the use of Ranko profile bar plays an active role in preserving the ecological environment. Currently, the issue of ensuring a healthy living environment for people is valued more than ever. All industrial products are manufactured using clean technology, causing no harm to the ecological environment and actively preventing the negative impacts of the industrial environment on people.