Recruiting sales staff (quantity: 04)

– Working time 8 hours / day (Sunday, holidays)

– Specific work will be discussed in the interview.

– Income: negotiable. There is a per diem regime when working outside the province.

Social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premium are paid according to regulations.

General requirements:

v Gender: Female

v Good-looking appearance (1m58 tall and up)

v Experience: 3 years or more (business + marketing)

v Communicate well, be active, diligent, eager to learn and have a spirit of progress

v Have a motorbike.

v Good health

Interested candidates please submit an application form stating your phone number and send to the Company at the following address:

Human Resources Department – Viet Nhat Thermal Insulation Joint Stock Company

Lai Xa, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

Phone: 0433.862.783 Fax: 04. 33861769