The closing ceremony of the year-end festival at the end of 2017 for Vietnamese companies

Another spring came! In the bustling and joyful atmosphere to welcome the Lunar New Year 2018, February 7, 2018, At Viet Nhat Company Factory, Lot 3, Thuy Van Industrial Park, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho, Viet Joint Stock Company Japan held a closing ceremony and a festival at the end of 2017. The ceremony was the opportunity to gather all the officials and employees of 3 North-Central-South, Board members, Board of Directors company and especially its partners.

Overview of the closing ceremony 2017 of VietNhat., JSC

Mr. Dinh Doan Loi – CTHĐQT Company spoke and announced the opening

North – Central – South region leaders signed business targets for 2018.

The closing ceremony program was organized concise, concise to spend most of the time for the attractive activities of the festival. At the beginning of the program, is a 3-folk folk music repertoire for Vietnamese-Japanese officials and employees.

  Assistant to CEO – Ms. Phung Thi Hoa summarizes a year of business operations of the Company with achieved results as well as outstanding problems, challenges and upcoming orientations. Through the statement of Ms. Phung Thi Hoa, the employees have a more comprehensive view of the Company’s activities in the past year and directions for the coming year. The meeting also acknowledged the sincere sharing of representatives of some employees about the work and the situation of the workshops, about the workload, about the difficulties that the employees experienced. This helps the Company leaders as well as all employees to sympathize and share with everyone who is working at the Workshop.

Ms. Phung Thi Hoa – Assistant General Director reports on the Company’s business activities in 2017

Ms. Nguyen Xuan Dung – On behalf of the team, YWAM shared

Following the closing ceremony is the year-end festival program and many interesting performances, especially the Company’s song – “Viet Nhat – brand from the heart”, composed by musician Le The Song. Employees freely express very affectionate and sweet.


The festival program starts from 8am until 3pm but doesn’t cool down. Entertainment shows, people come together to enjoy the relaxing moments after a busy year. Activities like these enrich the spiritual life of the brothers and sisters in the Company – the people of the job and also an opportunity to cultivate affection for the Vietnam-Japan common home.

In the time of transferring the year, each person must be determined to make efforts for a new year with many difficulties and many changes. And Viet Nhat Company is ready for new challenges.

Some photos of the ceremony:

Board members


Take souvenir photos with employees in the South and Central Branch

Take souvenir photos with the Office of Administrative Accounting

Take souvenir photos with the insulation production team

Take souvenir photos with the smart plastic production team

Take souvenir photos with the team creating PE beads

Take souvenir photos with officials of Viet Duc safes