Vietnam Japan organized officials and employees to visit Sam Son

With the goal of taking care of the spiritual life of officials and employees in the Company and building a movement of fun activities and tourism after stressful working days, Getting the attention of the Board of Directors Management as well as the Board of Directors from April 29 to May 1, Viet Nhat Industrial and Commercial Production Joint Stock Company organized a summer vacation program for employees and employees in Sam Son (Thanh Hoa).

This is one of the annual activities that the Company is always interested in, focusing on organizing in order to bring moments of rest and relaxation for officials and employees in the Company after stressful working days. Besides, this is also a practical opportunity for members of Vietnam-Japan common roof to exchange, gain mutual understanding and create solidarity for all employees in the Company. It can be said that the trip is also an opportunity for Vietnamese people to discover the beauty of the immense Sea and the unique cultural features of the nation spanning the whole journey.
The trip not only brought a relaxing space for each staff and family, but above all it contributed to dispel the fatigue, stress of work duties, creating a friendly atmosphere of solidarity. in the staff and employees involved and especially regained the spirit, strength to continue to enthusiastically carry out production & business tasks in the next days and days of 2018. Afternoon of May 1 all members returned to the factory safely, ending the vacation in Sam Son.

Some photos of the tour

The journey left in each member of the company deep memories, fun and meaningful. After the trip, the Board of Directors wants every member of the company to try harder to complete the assigned tasks, unite and help each other to make the company grow stronger and grow. far to new heights.