Vietnam Japan spring 2018

In the bustling atmosphere of the new spring, on the morning of 23.02.2018 (Lunar Year 08Mu Tuat), Viet Nhat Company organized “Spring Spring” at all branches, member companies across the country. Everyone gathered together, wished each other a peace wish, starting a year of work with good luck and success for the Vietnamese-Japanese family.
At Phu Tho factory (Lot 3 – Thuy Van Industrial Park). Mr. Dinh Doan Loi on behalf of the Board of Directors of the company congratulated all employees and their families with healthy and happy families, successfully completed the plans and tasks in 2018 and gave lucky money to the lucky officers. CNV.

Mr. Dinh Doan Loi, on behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulated the New Year to all employees

(And lucky money for the New Year to everyone)

Not only stopping at the spring greetings, Vietnam-Japan Collective also had the opportunity to raise a toast to each other, celebrate each other’s fortune for the first five years and hope that the New Year will achieve a lot of success in the market.

Everyone raised toast, wishing a happy and successful new year

Ms. Phung Thi Hoa organizes a lucky draw game for the beginning of the year

Ms. Pham Thi Nhung organized a video chase game to convey many meaningful messages through the game to bring relaxing moments for employees on the occasion of the New Year.

Happy new spring still did not forget the mission. After the spring break, all of the workshops gathered to produce products of their department to pray for a favorable new year. All devote all our heart and energy to Vietnam Japan to serve customers well.

CB-CNV PC plastic light factory concentrates on exporting goods

-CNV UPVC plastic bar factory concentrates on exporting goods

Officers of thermal insulation factory focused on exporting goods.

Staff of the PE granulating factory focus on exporting goods.

The opening ceremony of Vietnam Japan takes place in the rainy spring flight, the space is beautiful and heavenly, pleasing. Everyone also feels very happy and excited. Promise a successful new year.