Vietnam Japan recruitment

Vacancy: Regional sales manager (Ha Tinh, Nghe An 2, Quang Binh)
Number of recruiting: 03 employees.
Job description
1. Take care of the company’s old customer systems in Ha Tinh, Nghe An 2, and Quang Binh areas.
2. Searching and opening new customers in the area, areas of Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Quang Binh.
3. Upload orders, report orders for coordination. Then coordinate with the dispatcher to monitor the delivery and payment process of the customer.
4. Control and supervise the market, constantly update information of competitors on sales policies, prices ….
5. Handling problems arising in the market during the day. Or related work when required.
6. Summary of market reports during the week or each working trip.
7. The 25th day of every month summarizes the general report of the area in charge, and plans to go to market in the next month.
1. Trained from intermediate, college, university. major in business administration, or economic sector.
2. Having a passion for commerce, being capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing information in the market, having report making skills. Organize the deployment of scientific work and actively respond.
3. Good health. Capable of handling flexible work in high pressure environments. Work independently.
4. Experience working in the field of business, telephone sales, online sales. Ability to communicate well, impress and create good relationships with customers.
– Salary: Negotiable during interview.
– Reward according to turnover. Attractive income.
– Enjoy the preferential regimes prescribed by the labor law (holidays, Tet, 13th month salary, travel …)
Records include.
– 01 CV and relevant qualifications (photo, or soft file)
– Send by email: To Ms Hang: 0210.3853.222 (contact during office hours) – Outside contact hours 0978.880.487
– The test sample of the company.
– Curriculum vitae, original, will be submitted directly on matriculation
Deadline for application is until March 30, 2018.